Monday, 11 March 2013

Corellis Candle Holder Exhibition.

Artists were encouraged to make candle holders for a special exhibition at Corellis.  I made two types of candle holders, one set of tealight holders, and something new I am working on; abandoned Chimneys.

The tealight set is terracotta, with white slip and a glossy glaze.

The chimneys are 25 - 30cm high, made from terracotta brick red clay, white stoneware slip and a thin glossy glaze.

‘When a house falls into disrepair, or it is not needed, it eventually relents, and natural forces cause it to collapse or fire may engulf, with often the chimney the only part left standing.  A lonely sentinel marking where a house once stood and lives were lived.  These may be seen in along farm roads when travelling across rural NZ.’

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